Events Generated

Over 1 Million

Compliance Cost Saved


Happy Users

30 GB +

Data Managed


Customized events Generated


KloudGRC comes with multiple features that make compliance management
easier and faster.

Simple Process

Scattered manual process to a single automated process


Start complying by filling an easy questionnaire

Schedule Compliances

Dynamic scheduler to capture your compliance calendar

Avoid Penalties

Timely escalation to Senior Management to avoid non compliance

System's Bird-Eye View

Interactive dashboard to know accrued and potential liabilities

Store Securely

Easy storage and retrieval of documents

Multiple Companies

Single login to review multiple companies


Tracker for all ongoing litigations and pending matters

Why Choose Us

Your Success Is Our Success

Kloud Governance, Risk & Compliance (KloudGRC) is a cloud based compliance solution that helps organisations comply, store and monitor all their regulatory & non-regulatory requirements anytime, anywhere. We offer you one-stop solution for your all your compliance needs. Because only when you know your compliance, you do your compliance!

The solution is built with an intention to provide a real time, hassle free compliance monitoring tool to the industry. The tool will provide data storage space with ease of data retrieval on a real time basis and one page reports to provide a bird's eye view of the Company's Compliance Report Card.

Absence of real time compliance report card to the stakeholders

Additional certification in directors report pertaining to existence of process of compliance management in the company

Constant changes in the compliance frameworks

Shortage of capable support manpower?

Increased costs of non-compliances

Disorganised data storage resulting loss of compliance records

Our happy clients
They are happy to work with us
Product Profile
GRC Lite
Financial Laws & Mytrack
Labour & General Laws
Company Law
Mobile Application
Storage on Cloud
Customised Calendar
Email Alerts & Escalations
Taxes & Amount due
Low Cost Outsourcing Services
Sharing of key legal Updates
Real Time Compliance Report
Non regulatory Reminders
Litigation Tracker
Number of Users
Computation of Accrued Interest and Penalty
Financial and Non Financial Trackers
Data Storage
We will act as a compliance officer for you at a nominal additional cost

Add On Services

Multi-state GST
Maker checker
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